Poco a Poco Music School

Class Information 

A typical class consisting of Piano and Theory will be 1 hour long. The Piano lesson itself will be +/- 40 minutes and the Theory +/- 20 minutes. The lessons for very young beginners will consist of other aspects aswell to make it more fun, and educational in Music in a broader sense.

A registration fee of R200 is applicable to all new students. This is a once of fee, and will not be charged annually.                                                                         The fee of the lessons will depend on the level of the student, and whether the student will be entering for exams and competitions - since this will require more intense tuition.

Lesson fees vary from R100/lesson for beginners, in other words, R400/month, to R250/lesson for advanced students, in other words R1000/month. The monthly fee will be set and payable in advance. Please note that the fees does not include books or the entry fees to any competition or Trinity exams.    

In the case of cancellation of lessons, one month's written and paid notice will be required.

Please read the School's Rules and Regulations.

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